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When I reached the age of discretion,
I have already lived in a hideout of phantom thieves.
What whom is my parent? Why was I brought up in such a place?
There was none of the people who taught circumstances.I have wished I lived commonly.
I settle down in the one place, and to live.

However, the art which lived which I knew was "only a theft".
I had been taught other way of life by nobody and was not going to know myself either.
Therefore my real nature came out to a resident before long,
and I was that it was sent away a town. Of such a thing repeated itself.
I lived from place to place at various places and moved. Therefore I wanted to go in the distance.

I left it distantly and wanted to find new way of life and decided to fly in the sky.
I continued flying for a long time for a long time distantly distantly.
As for me, both the heart and the body were exhausted
into pieces.At the end of such a trip,I found this town in this island. At the new place that you finally found,
can you work as me well?Can I become them and a friend? Yes,
it does not have any problem. About me, it is believed with them.

Because it is my accidental encounter that the heart that it is lonely caused.